block list command


block list <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

at    energy    fos    group    information    linked-list    maxima    memory    on-grid    on-line    position    property    velocity

Display information in the program console pane for all variables defined by the keywords described below.

If no range is given, then all output for the prescribed keyword will be displayed. Listing can be interrupted at any time by pressing the <Esc> key.

UDEC model variables (e.g., blocks, contacts, domains, zones and gridpoints) are identified by index numbers in the “linked-list” data structure. These indexes uniquely define each variable in the model; the indexes are given with the LIST command.

The following keywords may be used.

at fx fy

Model information is displayed for location (fx, fy). Data are displayed on the blocks and zone is ‘zone’ true? & ditto ahead w/ contact & gridpoint whose centroid is closest to (fx, fy), and on the contact and gridpoint whose locations are closest to (fx, fy). See keywords blocks, zone, contact and gridpoint for a description of the output.


totals for energy components stored and dissipated in the model. The components are:

(1) current kinetic energy (Uk)
(2) total block strain energy (Ucb)
(3) total fill strain energy (Ucf)
(4) total joint strain energy (Ucj)
(5) total material strain energy (Uc = Ucb + Ucf + Ucj)
(6) total block energy excavated (Umb)
(7) total joint energy excavated (Umj)
(8) total strain energy excavated (Um = Umb + Umj)
(9) total block volume excavated (Vm)
(10) total change in potential energy (Ub)
(11) total mass damping work (Wk)
(12) total viscous boundary work (Wv)
(13) total friction work (Wj)
(14) total plastic strain work (Wp)
(15) total boundary loading work (W)
(16) total energy released (Wr = W − Uc − Ub − Wj − Wp)
(17) total energy released (Wr = Uk + Wk + Wv + Um)
breakdown of energy stored in joints (Ucj):  
(18) total energy stored in tension (Ujt)
(19) total energy stored in compression (Ujc)
(20) total energy stored in shear (Ujs)

List the current value of the factor of safety. This value is calculated by the SOLVE fos command.


Lists all group names.


List present status of global variables. The column headings are:

(1) configure settings
(2) mechanical settings
(3) gravity
(4) block tolerances
(5) model update frequencies
(6) timestep parameters
(7) solve setting
(8) hardcopy parameters
(9) creep timestep parameters

List the block linked-list. A list is printed for all corner and contact indexes associated with each block.


List maxima, minima and average values of block and zone data, and summary of contact data. The memory currently used for the model (mfree in words) and the total memory available (mtop in words) are also printed.


List memory currently in use by the model, and total memory available.

on-grid fxl fxu fyl fyu ix iy

List principal stresses in the range fxl < \(x\) < fxu and fyl < \(y\) < fyu are printed on grid ix, iy. The data are also sent to a file named “STRESS.”

on-line i keyword

Selected zone or gridpoint variables of deformable blocks may be printed versus distance along a line. The line is defined by the define keyword (below). The line is identified by its line number, i . If i is omitted, all lines will be printed. The following keywords are available to print selected variables.


List gridpoint displacement.


List gridpoint \(x\)-displacement.


List gridpoint \(y\)-displacement.

define fx1 fy1 fx2 fy2 i

Define the line through the model listing or plotting specific problem variables for a deformable block model. The line is defined by the endpoints (fx1, fy1) and (fx2, fy2). The line is divided into i points. No interpolation is made – the value of the nearest data point to the search point on the pline is selected.

is following line true??? By typing block list on-line without the parameters, a list of the current plot lines will be printed. If the keyword off is specified, the on-line list is deleted.


List normal stress.


List shear stress.


List major principal stress.


List minor principal stress.


List intermediate principal stress.


List zone \(xx\)-stress component.


List zone \(xy\)-stress component.


List zone \(yy\)-stress component.


List gridpoint \(x\)-velocity.


List gridpoint \(y\)-velocity.


No interpolation is made — the value of the nearest data point to the search point on the on-line is printed.


List current position of the block centers. The column headings are:

(1) block index
(2) Material property index
(3) constiutive model number
(4) \(x\)-centroid
(5) \(y\)-centroid
(6) mass
(7) Polar moment of inertia
(8) Type (rigid or deformable)
property <i1 ... in >

List property arrays. Optional parameters i1in can be used to define the material number range to be listed.


List anisotropic elastic properties.


List block properties.


List rigid block centroid velocity data. The column headings are:

(1) block index
(2) \(x\)-velocity at centroid
(3) \(y\)-velocity at centroid
(4) angular velocity at centroid
(5) \(x\)-force at centroid
(6) \(y\)-force at centroid
(7) centroid moment