Show block and zone information by label or value. The first few attributes of this plot item are contingent on the first attribute (Color By).


Color By


Set either a “label” or a “contour” to be colored on the plot item.



Specify which label or value (as determined by the previous setting) to display in the plot item. The options for both are shown on the following table. Some options will require additional, dynamically-provided attributes in order to complete the selection; these are indicated with notations on the table.

Table 1: Selection Options for Label/Value
Label Valueᴸ Value (cont.)
Block Extraᵉ Accelerationᶜ Rotation
Block Groupˢ Corner Extraᵉ Strain Incrementʸ
Fixity Displacementᶜ Strain Rateʸ
Fragment Effective Stressᶻ Saturation
Fragment ID Extraᶠ Stressᶻ
ID Factor of Safety Strength Ratioᵐ
Material GP Extraᶠ Temperature
Model GP Pore Pressure Thermal Propertyᵖᵐ
Propertyᵖ Hoek Brown Failure Target-Force Ratio
State Mohr Coulomb Failure Velocityᶜ
Uniform Out of Balance Force  
Zone Extraᵉ Pore Pressure  
Zone Groupsˢ Propertyᵖᵐ  
ᴸ*All* values provide a “Log” attribute
ᶜA “Component” attribute follows
ᵉAn “Extra” attribute follows
ᶠAn “Extra” and “Type” attribute follow
ᵐA “Method” attribute follows
ᵖA “Property” attribute follows
ˢA “Slot” attribute follows
ʷA “Source” attribute follows
ʸA “Quantity” and “Method” attribute follow
ᶻA “Quantity”, “Stress”, and “Method” attribute follow


The attribute appearing in this position is either a Color-List or a Contour, depending on the “Color By” selection. Refer to the standard color-list control description and the standard contour control description for details.



Select whether blocks that have been excavated (null zones) will be displayed.

Overlap Error


Display blocks that have been tagged as overlapping more that the allowed tolerance.

Round Corners


Display blocks with rounded corners. This may be very slow in models that have a large numebr of blocks.



Map the item to new model coordinates. See the standard map control description for details.



Set the deformation factor. See the standard def-fac control description for details.

Data Index


Select to display index numbers on blocks or zones. This may be slow for plots with a large number of blocks.

Zone Outline


Select to display outlines on zones.

Block Outline


Select to display outlines on blocks.



Set properties of item facets. See the standard polygons control description for details.



Set item labeling in the plot legend. See the standard legend control description for details.